Turnout: the Podcast for Horse People

Turnout: the Podcast for Horse People

Are you a horse person with a thirst for knowledge? Do you crave a podcast that's both informative, entertaining and not centered around an unsolved crime from decades ago?

Well then, tune in to Turnout: the podcast for horse people. 

Hosted by Dr. Carleigh Fedorka, the head and the heart behind the popular blog A Yankee in Paris, Turnout is an "all-inclusive" program focused on horse health and science, as well as training and insights from all corners of the equine industry. 

Basically, the show is like an informal yet informative conversation with your vet and/or trainer over a couple of drinks. 

Turnout is presented by Equithrive and produced (and co-hosted) by John Wilkinson. New episodes will be released bi-weekly, and will feature prominent professionals representing all avenues of the equine world.

Dr. Fedorka is an equine reproduction scientist at the University of Kentucky's Gluck Equine Research Center, a trainer and competitive rider when time allows. 

“We need non-horsemen and horsemen alike to understand the facts, so they can make better management choices and give our horses a better life," Fedorka said. "So, I can’t wait to supply some of the leading researchers and vets alongside my explanations and stories to the listeners! We hope to discuss everything from EPM, to kissing spines, how to breed your subfertile mare, to drug testing. The sky is truly the limit, and we sincerely want listeners to tell us what they want to know!” 

Turnout is currently available on itunes, Spotify and Soundcloud. 


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