Nutrition for Easy Keeper Horses

Metabarol Equithrive

This is for all the horses with the cresty necks, fleshy backs and girthy middles--the ponies, minis, and easy keepers--we see you, and we support you.

Give your horses a metabolic boost and support a healthy inflammatory response with Metabarol® Pellets from Equithrive.

Metabarol is scientifically proven to support metabolic health in horses. The product also supports a healthy inflammatory response and appropriate free radical levels. Just one scoop of Metabarol delivers 700 mg of our proprietary resveratrol product Resverasyn®. 

It's not only what's inside this product that matters, but what is not. Metabarol Pellets are naturally low in NSC content and contain no added sugars or unhealthy fats. Just Resverasyn (our proprietary resveratrol product), beet pulp and flaxseed. Simple, healthy, and highly palatable.




Metacare™ from Equithrive

Our support extends beyond nutrition. To help our customers provide the best care possible for their “easy keepers” we offer a $50 rebate for blood testing with qualified purchases of Metabarol®.

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