Our Story

Science and Compassion

Dr. Patrick Lawless started his career as a biopharmaceutical research scientist, working specifically to identify natural compounds that support a healthy inflammatory response. A scientist by trade but an animal lover at heart, Dr. Lawless decided to switch course and devote his knowledge and expertise to animal health. 

Through his own research, Dr. Lawless had familiarized himself with the natural antioxidant compound resveratrol. He realized an opportunity to apply resveratrol toward supporting animal health and performance.

In 2008, Dr. Lawless launched Equithrive, and worked closely with veterinarians and trainers to formulate products. That same year, Equithrive released its flagship product, Equithrive® Joint, formulated with the company’s proprietary resveratrol ingredient, Resverasyn®, and Hyaluronic Acid, to support healthy joint function in horses during aging, training and competition.


Equithrive Joint is scientifically proven to support a healthy inflammatory response in horses. The company also launched an additional resveratrol product, Metabarol®, which has been demonstrated to support healthy metabolic function in horses.

In 2018, Equithrive released an expanded line of products including several new formulas targeting overall wellness. With an ongoing focus on research, development, and meeting customer needs, Equithrive continues to set the standard in the animal nutrition industry with an ever-expanding catalog of rigorously tested products.


Team Equithrive

Equithrive is a division of Thrive Animal Health, which also manufactures and markets Petthrive, offering nutritional solutions for canines.