How To Get Your $50 Metabarol® Rebate

Our mission at Equithrive is to improve the health and performance of your horses. Consistent monitoring of your horse's blood insulin and glucose levels is a key component to successfully managing any horse, especially the "easy keepers". Metabarol® can aid “easy keepers” by supporting equine metabolic health.

To help our customers provide the best care possible for their “easy keepers” we are offering a $50 rebate for blood testing with qualified purchases of Metabarol®.

Please read the program guidelines below to learn how you can support the long-term health of your horse through participation in this program that is exclusively available to our customers. Then complete and submit the form below. 

Eligibility Requirements for Metacare™

1. Customer must have purchased Metabarol® within 45 days of rebate request.

2. Blood insulin testing must have been performed within 30 days of rebate request.

3. Customer must complete the questionnaire below within 30 days of product purchase. 

4. A copy of the blood insulin test result from your veterinarian (Wellness Ready) or veterinary diagnostic laboratory must be uploaded below within 30 days of product purchase.

5. A copy of the invoice from your veterinarian detailing costs associated with blood insulin testing must be uploaded below within 30 days of product purchase.

If you have questions about your eligibility, call our office at 866-721-1412, or email