The Hand-Me-Down Horse

Brad Barkemeyer Performance Horses

Clark with the Barkemeyer clan: (Left to right) Zane, Brad, Mindy and Bryce. Photo by Pat Lawless.

Brad and Mindy Barkemeyer
make their living training and selling performance horses. To anchor down in the equine industry is to accept the fact that horses will come, and horses will go. The Barkemeyers have turned out numerous champions over the years, passing through long enough to get a good education.

But one horse has stayed. Not the prettiest. Not the biggest, strongest, nor the fastest. Simply, the best

Ten years ago, Brad began working with green 4-year-old gelding owned by some close family friends. of his promising youngsters, a 4-year-old named Dulce Smart Boomer, who would eventually come to be known simply as “Clark.” 

Brad and Clark quickly began making waves on the AQHA circuit, winning the NRCHA hackamore classic, and finalists at the Stakes and Derby. Then, Brad handed the reins over to his wife, Mindy, which turned out to be a match made in heaven. 

Clark and Mindy won everything they entered, from the weekend shows, to the Derby. In 2013, they won the boxing competition at the AQHA World Show, setting a new arena record that still stands. 

When the time came for the Barkemeyer’s oldest son Bryce to throw his hat into the show ring, they knew exactly the right horse for the job. After adding additional results to their  These days, Clark is making the rounds with the youngest Barkemeyer, Zane, to complete the family circle.

“Clark is forever a Barkemeyer,” says Mindy. “He has a can-do attitude and can do it all. We rope, cow horse, trail ride and cut on him. He’s absolutely a light that shines brightly in our barn.”

At age 14, the Barkemeyers keep Clark in top shape with consistent exercise, a good nutrition plan, and of course, a whole lotta love.  

Ten years. Four Barkemeyers. Numerous lessons learned, and countless awards earned. A true horse of a lifetime. 

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