The Gift Guide for Every Horse in the Barn

The Gift Guide for Every Horse in the Barn

No two horses are exactly alike, but hang around long enough and you start to learn "the types." Certain traits and circumstances will differ, yet the need for good nutrition is universal. Whether you're taking in retirees, grooming aspiring athletes, or you just somehow ended up with this 1,000 lb. pet in your yard, we have the nutrition to help them thrive. 

Easy Keeper

"It's genetics. That's what the vet told my human. She also told her that I'm eating too many grains, too much grass, and not moving enough, but that's all speculative as far as I'm concerned. Yes, I have a couple...hundred pounds to work off--who doesn't this time of year?" 

To all the horses with the cresty necks, fleshy backs and girthy middles--the easy keepers on limited pasture with metabolic issues--we see you, and we've got you covered. It all starts with the scientifically proven metabolic support of Metabarol, plus essential vitamins and nutrients formulated to supplement restricted diets.



Horse show nutrition

"Look, I'm at the top of my game. I'm fit, fierce, and full of run. Sure, I get a little stiff after a hard day at the office, and all that travel gives me tummy aches, but it's a small price to pay for the thrill of competition. Would I prefer to just stroll around in a field all day with my face buried in the grass before painting myself in mud? Nah. Not yet."

For the equine athlete, nutrition is all about performance and recovery. Supporting a healthy inflammatory response is a great place to start, and for that, there's no better option than our scientifically proven lineup of joint products. Like easy keepers, performance horses don't have the benefit of grazing lush pasture all day during show season, so supplementing for those key vitamins and nutrients is essential. 



senior horses

"Do I have issues? Oh dear, where to start. I'm somehow an easy and hard keeper. My feet are a mess. My joints are way past warranty and when I get up from a nap it sounds like I'm walking on bubble wrap. I'm gassy as all get out and my teeth hurt, and don't even get me started on young horses these days...But, I have my field, I have friends, and a human who loves me...or at least feeds me. Got it good!" 

Having horses age into retirement is both rewarding and worrying. There's nothing better than seeing a healthy horse just being a horse, but old age brings a new set of challenges and nutritional needs; from osteoarthritis, to irregular bowls, weight gain, poor hooves, and everything (so many things) in between. 


picky eater horse

"It's not that I'm picky, I'm just...very careful about...everything...that is considered food. How much did you spend on this new feed? Oh wow, I can't wait to not eat it! These supplements will help me how? Fantastic, I'll be sure to eat around all that."

Like the kid who loves applesauce but hates apples, or gobbles up chicken nuggets but will not touch chicken noodle soup, sometimes all you can do is bang your head against a wall. You go to great lengths to hide the healthy and it's often all for naught. Well, we here at Equithrive have done that for you, with our delicious, easy to feed, and (just between us) healthy pelleted supplements, made right here in house. We're so confident your horses will eat them up, we back every purchase with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

equithrive pellets


"Hey, remember yesterday, how I gobbled up all my food and drank all my water? And how we spent two breakthrough hours in the arena and you said you'd finally gotten through? Yeah, that's not happening today. In fact, I'm going on a weeklong work strike for no good reason at all. So go ahead and call the vet, farrier, chiro, priest, anyone who will listen. I play my own game around here."

AKA the chestnut mare, the wildcard is delightfully difficult, and perhaps that's why you can't let them go. While even wildcards need a good diet, we do not offer attitude adjustments at this time.

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