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 If you believe in products backed by scientific research, Equithrive is the company you should trust to provide products that will support the health and performance of your horses.

Equithrive Joint

Our joint formula has been evaluated in multiple university studies, with the following results:

  • Demonstrated to support soundness in performance horses.1
  • Demonstrated to support a healthy inflammatory response in performance horses.
  • Demonstrated to support healthy levels of free radicals in performance horses.3

You can learn more about the research on Equithrive Joint by clicking the links below to articles that have been published in peer-reviewed scientific publications.

1 Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association Link to Abstract

2 International Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 

Link to Full Text

3 Journal of Equine Veterinary Science 

Link to Abstract


In 2012, the American Quarter Horse Association funded a research grant to investigate the metabolic effects of resveratrol administration in horses. class="hidden-read-more">This research study was performed in 2013 by Dr. Amanda Adams at the Gluck Equine Research Center. 

Download Dr. Adams’ abstract at EES



 to learn more about the latest research on Resveratrol from the federal government's database of peer-reviewed scientific research articles.