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Equithrive® Joint Molasses Flavor

Offers the same benefits as our original formulation, with the addition of low-sugar, natural molasses flavor horses love!

Equithrive® Joint Molasses Flavor was formulated for horses that are particularly difficult when it comes to supplement administration. The natural molasses flavor used in this new formulation makes the supplement extremely palatable. However, the sugar content of the new Equithrive Joint Molasses Flavor formulation does not exceed the low sugar content in the original Equithrive Joint formulation, which is a negligible 4.5%.

Equithrive Joint is a unique resveratrol-based formula that supports healthy equine joint function during aging, training and competition. Equithrive Joint has undergone extensive scientific testing at leading equine research institutions, where it has been demonstrated to:

  • support soundness in performance horses.1
  • support a healthy inflammatory response in performance horses.2
  • support healthy free radical levels in performance horses.3

1 “A randomized, controlled trial of the effects of resveratrol administration in performance horses with lameness localized to the distal tarsal joints” from Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association Link to Abstract

2 “Modulatory Effects of resveratrol Supplementation on Inflammatory Markers in Ageing and Lame Horses” from  International Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances Link to Full Text

3 “Ameliorative Effects of resveratrol on Oxidative Stress Biomarkers in Horses” from Journal of Equine Veterinary Science   Link to Abstract

  • Can be used safely on a long-term daily basis without gastrointestinal side effects.
  • Routinely used in conjunction with NSAIDs, when required.
  • Faster response time than with glucosamine and chondroitin-based products.
  • Compliant with FEI and USEF regulations and can be used in all racing jurisdictions!

Equithrive Joint contains our proprietary microencapsulated resveratrol product Resverasyn®. Resverasyn is a bioavailable resveratrol product that produces high circulating levels of resveratrol after oral administration, resulting in maximum therapeutic effects. Equithrive Joint also contains hyaluronic acid, the primary component of joint-lubricating synovial fluid and cartilage.

Equithrive Joint is a stand-alone product that does not require co-administration of any other nutraceuticals or supplements to support soundness and continued joint health in your horse.

Directions for Use: Administer orally. For best results, divide recommended daily dosage between AM and PM.

Loading Dose: 30 g per day (4 heaping scoops)

For best results administer four scoops daily for the first 14 days.

Intensive Support Dose: 30 g per day (4 heaping scoops)

For horses in competition or training and for aged horses.

Maintenance Dose: 15 g per day (2 heaping scoops)

For sound horses that presently are not in training or competition.

Active ingredients per scoop:

Resveratrol 350 mg
Hyaluronic acid (as Sodium hyaluronate)  50 mg

Inactive ingredients: Brewer's grains, Grape seed, Nutritional yeast (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae), Diatomaceous earth, Molasses flavor, Vegetable oil.


Regimen Daily Dose Resverasyn® Hyaluronic Acid

4 Scoops

(30 grams)

2000 mg 200 mg
Intensive Support

4 Scoops

(30 grams)

2000 mg 200 mg

2 Scoops

(15 grams)

1000 mg 100 mg


Size Doses per Container*
2 lb. Container 60
8 lb. Container 240

*Note: doses per container are calculated on maintenance dosing of 2 scoops per day.


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