Equithrive® Hoof Pellets (50lb)
Equithrive® Hoof Pellets (50lb)
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Equithrive® Hoof Pellets (50lb)

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Equithrive Hoof Pellets contain key nutrients that promote cellular health and structural strength in equine hoof tissues for truly innovative hoof support.   

Key nutrients include:  

Biotin - supports hoof cell growth and division for added strength.  

Omega-3 Fatty Acids - antioxidants that support a healthy inflammatory response in hoof tissues.  

Methionine - a sulfur containing amino acid that is involved in the production of keratin, the primary structural protein in the hoof. 

Selenium - an antioxidant that promotes cell membrane health and hoof tissues. 

Chelated trace minerals - This product contains chelated trace minerals, which are more bioavailable than non-chelated forms that are predominant in equine feeds. 

Made in Kentucky  

*Note: currently unavailable in Canada.

Inactive ingredients: 
Alfalfa meal, calcium propionate, flaxseed meal, flaxseed oil, lignin sulfonate, natural flavor, water. 

Type: Pellets