Total Horse Health Holiday Sale


Buy one small (3 lb.) or large (10 lb.) container of our clinically proven Complete Joint Pellets OR Original Joint products and you’ll get 50% off an equal sized container of Hoof Pellets. A bundle of nutritional support where it matters the most, at a mighty nice price.

How to get in on the sale:

1. Add the Joint product of your choice to your cart.

2. Add Hoof pellets to your cart (be sure the sizes are the same).

3. Checkout. Enter one of the following promo codes:

  BOGO3 for small containers

  BOGO10 for large containers

4. Tell your horse that help is on the way (shipped free, of course).

5. Take a nap? 

Clinically proven to support soundness in horses. Read more about the Joint Collection.

"In 30 years of practice, Equithrive is the best product to be developed to maintain optimum performance and to provide therapy for musculoskeletal injury. It is an integral part of my equine sports medicine practice." - Dr. Scott Bennett, DVM


"With consistent use of Equithrive, I have seen significant improvement in the quality of life and movement in both older horses and younger performance horses suffering from competitive joint soreness." -Dr. Monty McInturff, DVM


Healthy hooves are a product of good nutrition. Equithrive Hoof Pellets deliver the essential elements that safely improve hoof quality at the cellular level in horses of all ages and breeds. Read more about Hoof.

Don't forget the promo codes: BOGO3 for small, BOGO10 for large.

Today is the perfect time to try one of our new products, because this week you'll get 30% off! 

The Gastro-supplement of your dreams

Equithrive® GUT Pellets contain probiotics, prebiotics and nutrients that support a healthy gastrointestinal microbiome, dietary nutrient absorption and overall wellness in horses of all ages and breeds. Proactively support equine gut health during periods of stress with a daily dose of Equithrive GUT Pellets.
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Stay Hydrated, My Friends

Equithrive® Electrolyte Pellets deliver a replenishment of key electrolytes lost through exercise. Complete with sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium and other important nutrients (no sugar!), these highly palatable pellets will keep those precious engines purring after training and competition. View product page


Bundle Metabarol®, Save Big

This winter, we want you to "fight the founder" with our scientifically proven metabolic supplement, Metabarol®. Order a 3-pack bundle of Metabarol Pellets and save $70! Go Bundling!

Forgetting Someone? 


Fine Print:

Pelleted products and Petthrive are not available in Canada at this time. Discount codes cannot be combined with other discounts. Limit 2 per order.