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Nellie Miller Equithrive

Quick question: Do you know every ingredient in the supplements you're feeding your horse and why it's in there? 

The truth is, there are very few standards for animal nutritional products on the market, how and where they are made, marketed, and what's actually inside the stuff you're putting inside your horse.

And there's a lot of stuff. Shelves full of stuff. Literal truckloads of stuff. Stores filled end-to-end with vitamins, minerals, pain relief, muscle builder, weight loser, calming potions, dapple enhancer, a little of this, and little of get the idea. 

Our mission at Equithrive is to make this whole song and dance a little easier on you, and much more beneficial to your horses. We've been here since 2008, and if you're going to be in it for that long, you'd better make safe and effective products. 

So that's what we do. 


"When hundredths of a second matter I need to make sure my horses are feeling their best. Equithrive helps us achieve optimal performance and I am proud to use products that are backed by science and results."

-Nellie Miller, 2017 WPRA Barrel Racing World Champion

 Equithrive Riders

"I can actually see and feel the difference in our horses since adding Equithrive Joint. I never expected these kinds of results from a supplement. Equithrive is the only joint supplement I’ve found that keeps up with the demands of the sport." 

Brad Barkemeyer, Barkemeyer Performance Horses


From scientifically proven joint and metabolic supplements, to our lineup of wellness essentials, all Equithrive products are expertly formulated to deliver more of what your horses need in the daily diet, and none of what they don't. 

It's time to ditch the powders with a zillion ingredients you can't pronounce and make the switch to Equithrive. Your horses will appreciate the support, and you will appreciate the results. 

Your Healthy Horse Season begins today.

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