"There's Your Equithrive Working"

"There's Your Equithrive Working"

Mak, my 11-year-old thoroughbred, has always had pretty terrible feet. His right front foot has a negative angle (collapsed heels) while his left front is upright. He has historically had very minimal sole depth, doesn’t tolerate frog pressure, and in his younger years, he constantly abscessed.

So, what did I do? I found a team.

I found a farrier I could trust to make the best judgment calls for this heart horse of mine and treats Mak as if he were his own. 

I also have a vet I can turn to. Dr. Heather may hate Mak’s feet, but she loves Mak. I know that when she recommends not just visualizing these hooves with our naked eye, but taking radiographs regularly to tell us what is truly happening, I listen.

Today we did just that, and when she pulled up the images she turned to me and said, “Wow. There’s your Equithrive working.”

The angle of Mak’s foot may not have suddenly changed, but his sole depth has. He gained EIGHT millimeters of sole in a year. That means that he has gone from only 12.5mm to 21mm -- a 67% increase in the amount of hoof that he has protecting his inner structures from the ground.

Find yourself a great farrier, listen to your vet, and provide your horse with proper nutrition. I have been using Equithrive Hoof, and after seeing these X-rays, I’ll stick by the product.

-Dr. Carleigh Fedorka

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