Sweet Success: Michelle and Oreo

Sweet Success: Michelle and Oreo

Submitted by Michelle Richardson

America's Favorite Cookie (aka "Oreo") is a 21-year-old gelding I have owned for almost 10 years. Most of his career has been with me in eventing, but we did part ways for a short time. He spent four years with a Young Rider working as a hunter. During that time he suffered a suspensory injury.

Oreo came back home last January when his YR headed to college and couldn't take him with her. He arrived with weight and lameness issues. I immediately had my vet come out and do a full exam, including x-rays. He flexed 4 out of 5 lame on the front right, but the x-rays looked clean; no navicular, and the suspensory had healed up great. My vet, Dr. Ronie Meer, is never one to jump to injections so she put him on a strict diet and exercise plan, and recommended Equithrive Joint. I was leery since I've used other supplements in the past with little results, but I trusted her and decided to try it out.

We decided to re-check him in 60 days and see where we were. Within 30 days my old horse was acting and feeling more like his old self! Within 60 days we were doing light jumping and his flexions were completely clean. By 90 days he was back in the show ring!

I am happy to say that since being on Equithrive he has not needed joint injections, and has stayed sound even while competing. Oreo continues to love his job as a low-level eventer and jumper, even in his golden years.


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